Sunshine Club House Ltd (SSCH) was founded on September 2016. Our main objectives are to rekindle the community spirit through after school child care and develop children through the process of learning. Firstly and most importantly, SSCH aims to become an extension of families and communities to raise our children with love and care. Secondly, children will receive well-balanced education in a range of aspects while participating in our after school care programme, STEAM programme and weekend arts programme.

SSCH will be located in Cardiff. Our after school clubs are located nearby local primary schools:

We design and deliver a variety of programs and lessons to enhance cognitive development of children. The lessons include science, technology and engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM programme) to assist brain development of children and improve their social skills. STEAM programmes contain abacus mental mathematics, languages, and handicraft, cooking, music, computing and robotics lessons. 

SSCH not only provides after school childcare but also lessons which give children options to develop their interests after school. The children can join various lessons while they attend our childcare sessions after school, meanwhile parents save travel time without needing to send children to lessons at different locations.