Arts and Crafts

Our arts and crafts specialist will introduce children to some wonderful, wacky and creative ideas, including mask and jewellery making, designing their own t-shirt logo and much more. A variety of handicrafts from different cultures will be introduced in our club.We also have drawing lessons for kids and Step by Step to follow our short easy drawing steps and tips. We help children to build confidence through art skills as there is NO RIGHT ANSWER in art. So children can feel pride in their artistic creation. We are running this program in our After school club   Friday - YMCA plas No 2 Shakespeare Street, CF24 3ES Thursday - Canton Community Hall CF11 8EP
Start date 2016
Years old 5 - 11
Class size 24
Class durantion 4pm - 5:30pm
Transportation N/A
Class staff 1 Tutor and 2 Teacher Assistants
£32 a month Register today