Robot Engineering

An exciting and important skill in modern world is ability to engineer and implement electronic solutions. The aim of Computing/Robotics activities is to remove many myths about the complexity of modern technology and demonstrate to the children that they can achieve almost anything they can think of. Computing/Robotics activities will differ in complexity for different age groups of children and offer a hands on experience in coming up with a concept and then implementing it. For example the youngest children will be introduced to the basics of mechanics and driving belts and after that shown how relatively easily a simple LEGO toy car can be animated by adding a small electric micro-motor driven by a safe low-voltage battery which will be connected via two wires. We are running this program in our After school club   Friday - YMCA plas No 2 Shakespeare Street, CF24 3ES Thursday - Canton Community Hall CF11 8EP
Start date 2016
Years old 5-11
Class size 24
Class durantion 4pm - 5:30pm
Class staff 1 Tutor and 2 Teacher Assistants
£32 a month Register today